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Social Security

Did you know that 96% of Americans turn their Social Security on at the wrong time?  This can equate to hundreds of thousands of lost benefits over a lifetime.  Join our discussions to discuss Full Retirement Age, Longevity, Spousal benefits and more.

Tax Minimization Planning

As of 2022, 92 cents of every tax dollar collected in the United States goes to pay for four programs: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and National Debt.  With the national debt over $30 trillion dollars, what do you think will happen with taxes in the future?  That's right, they have to go up.  Join us to discuss how you can get a plan to insure you will be safe when this occurs.

Lifetime Income

Where will your paycheck come from after you leave your job?  Social Security can provide the basis but it typically isn't enough.  Listen as we discuss other sources of income in retirement such as pension and personal savings.  Wouldn't it be nice to know that regardless of what happens in the market, your income is guaranteed for life?

Tax Code Proposed Changes

The Biden Administration is proposing changes to the tax code.  Some of those include, increasing taxes on those making over $400,00 per year; increasing capital gains tax; increasing the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% and eliminating the "Step Up Basis" on non-qualified assets.  How can these changes affect you in retirement?

Long-Term Care Options

There is a 75% chance that today's retirees will require long-term care.  That can be a scary statistic.  Traditional long-term care policies are expensive and can be difficult to get.  Join us as we discuss steps can you take today to use existing money to provide a long-term care benefit.  


So many people call Secure Money Radio because they are concerned about the fees they are paying on their retirement accounts.  While fees on managed money are typical, shouldn't you be getting service for those fees?  Listen to Secure Money Radio to discuss ways you can lower, or in some cases, eliminate fees all-together.

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